QR Pay

QR Pay
Shift4 Payments

Shift4"s QR Pay provides an additional contactless option for businesses and their customers. Guests can pay their bill or folio by simply scanning a unique code with their smartphone and completing the transaction through their phone. This functionality is integrated with the point-of-sale system for a seamless experience for merchants and their customers. Best of all, this functionality can be added for FREE!

 Perfect for Various Business Types

  • Hotel check-in and check-out
  • Table service restaurants
  • Quick service & counter service
  • Retail

 How QR Pay Works

  1. A unique QR code is printed on each receipt or displayed on the payment device screen.
  2. Customer scans the code with their smartphone camera and the bill opens in their phone"s web browser.
  3. Customer pays with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or enter their card info, then adds a tip and checks out.
  4. QR Pay is integrated with the POS system, so the check is automatically closed when payment is completed.

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