ITB Panel Discussion: Business TravelBuilding trust in services offered by the hospitality industry in terms of traveler safety/hygienic measurementsFlexibility of service providerPerspective changes in hotel purchasing (new requirements such as dynamic vs. static rates/ distribution and distribution costs/ transparency)With:Host: Hans-IngoBiehl, VDR e.V., Executive director & Member of presidential committeePanelists:Marina Christensen, BWH Hotel Group Central Europe GmbH, Head of SalesDominika Rudnick, Deutsche Hospitality, Director Key Account Management & ConsortiaChristoph Carnier, Merck KGaA, Senior Director Travel, Fleet & Events // VDR-PresidentMartina Eggler, ATG Travel Deutschland GmbH, General Manager#Panel#Discussion #BusinessTravelTrack #BusinessTravel #Hospitality #Convention