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[WEBINAR] Mastering Metasearch: Strategies for Success

This webinar was recorded on February 12, 2019

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Travel Tripper

As a savvy hotelier, you're always looking for new ways to drive more direct bookings with lower costs.

Have you set up or optimized metasearch in your digital marketing mix? Even though it is a complex channel to navigate, when managed correctly, it can bring a lot of uplift in direct bookings and overall ROI.

At Travel Tripper, we've helped hotels generate up to 38x their investment into this channel. In this webinar, our hotel marketing experts will share their insights on managing meta channels effectively and discuss metasearch's role within a wider digital marketing strategy. Learn more about:

  • The history and evolution of metasearch channels
  • Bidding and targeting strategies for the major channels
  • How to efficiently set up the account and optimize your campaigns
  • How to budget for metasearch within your total marketing spend

We will also share case studies and discuss Travel Tripper's new Metasearch Direct connection with Google Hotel Ads, a new offering that allows hotels to save costs and maximize their return on the world's largest metasearch channel. Visit our Digital Marketingpage to learn more.

[WEBINAR] Mastering Metasearch: Strategies for Success is organized by

Nancy Huang
Senior Marketing Director
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