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Webinar: Revenue Survival: Deciding When and What To Automate

This webinar was recorded on September 22, 2020

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Duetto Research

Our One World, One Industry, One Conversation webinar series continues with a look at how to get the right balance between automation and control. Learn how H-Hotels and Village Hotels are using controlled automation to bring order to revenue in a post-pandemic world.

What we're discussing

  • How can hotels regain control of volatile demand?
  • Is now the time to turn off your automation?
  • How can you create conditional strategies that are agile and quick to implement?


  • David Woolenberg, CEO of Duetto
  • Deniel Frey, VP Revenue Management, H-Hotels - Deniel defines how H-Hotels are using controlled automation to help optimise both short-term and long-term demand, and how this enables the team to focus on core areas of the business.
  • Kelly Cronin, Revenue Director, Village Hotels - Kelly explains how Village Hotels have used the current situation as a time to take stock, re-evaluate segments and consider how they use automation moving forward.


  • Q&As from the audience
  • Close - David Woolenberg

Webinar: Revenue Survival: Deciding When and What To Automate is organized by

Sarah McCay Tams
Director of Content, EMEA
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