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Webinar: Elevate your Operations with a Cloud PMS & Open APIs

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The value of a PMS should be to reduce your hotel's operational pains and increase your revenue. For hotels, improving processes and enhancing operations is essential to the bottom line, both as it relates to revenue and guest services. But is your Hotel's PMS helping or hurting?

In this LIVE Demo session, learn how StayNTouch's Cloud PMS and Contactless solutions can help your hotel streamline your operations, enable staff to work better and smarter and immediately elevate the efficiency and perceived service level. We'll cover:

  • Flexibility & easy of use: Access your PMS from anywhere with any device and empowering your staff with an easy to use system that bolsters productivity. And let your guests check-in hassle free with contactless check-in
  • Replacing Repetition with Automation: Quickly and easily manage and complete tasks allowing your staff to focus less on administrative work and focus more on servicing guests.
  • Relying on a fast, secure, and true Cloud PMS: No downtime so you can scale your business and avoid disruptions to your guests' experience!
  • Open APIs: Leverage our open APIs to build the technology stack best suited for your business needs. No more paying extra for integrations.

Webinar: Elevate your Operations with a Cloud PMS & Open APIs is organized by StayNTouch Inc.

Frewoini Golla
Director of Marketing
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