Episode #5 THEREVENUEMANAGER - Cost Optimization and Profitability

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Based on the success of FunnelTV's Marketplace, Hospitality Net and FunnelTV are teaming up in 2021 to launch a bi-weekly series of live streaming events exclusively covering revenue management and digital marketing in hospitality. Starting this April, The Revenuemanager events will serve as a platform for smart insights and transformative debate as we navigate a brand-new, re-invention environment for the global hotel industry.


  • TOPIC: COST OPTIMIZATION AND PROFITABILITY - The pandemic era has highlighted the attention to cost optimization. Proper cost control has become crucial to survive and succeed. Revenue Management is not only optimizing the revenue streams anymore but also driving profitability. Every single decision of a revenue manager has, indeed, an impact on the bottom line.
  • MASTERCLASS: COST CONTROL-DRIVEN DISTRIBUTION - How to calculate the costs of every channel? What to consider? How can this analysis influence your distribution decision?



  • Scott Dahl from Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

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