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Robotics in Hospitality - HN World Panel TECHNOLOGY live

This webinar was recorded on April 13, 2021

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HN World Panel TECHNOLOGY live Techtalk

Join this HN World Panel Technology LIVE Session hosted in partnership with

Max Starkov, Hospitality & Online Travel Tech Consultant & Strategist; Kathryn Murphy, Owner, The Murphy Gallery & Hotel Dublin; and Micah Estis Green, Founder, President and CEO of Maidbot will join host and moderator André Baljeu, Founder at to discuss, share thoughts and perspectives.

A recent University of Houston report on robots in hospitality claims that by 2030 over a quarter of hospitality jobs will be replaced by robots. Will robots ever replace all humans in hospitality?

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In the HN World Panels Technology, produced in partnership with, Hospitality Net addresses timely and relevant topics within hospitality technology. Panel experts range from Hotel brand IT executives, consultants as well as vendors. The objective is to share thoughts and best-practice at the benefit of the hotel industry as a whole.

Robotics in Hospitality - HN World Panel TECHNOLOGY live is organized by in partnership with

Jill Dassen
Sales & Marketing Manager
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