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The Full Menu: Gathering Data and Optimizing Performance

This webinar was recorded on September 16, 2021

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Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA)

Hotel analytics are key to understanding the value and impact of our work. But with all the data that's available, how can you extract meaningful, actionable insights that inform and guide your company's decisions and maximize revenue?

HEDNA's Hotel Analytics group has published a number of blog entries that address trends and best practices in analytics and reporting. We cover topics like project management, understanding Customer Lifetime Value, and metasearch performance.

A panel of blog contributors will bring some recent blog posts to life in this live discussion. Key players will discuss:

  • Data challenges
  • The importance of effective dashboards
  • Creating data synergies to optimize the channel mix
  • Avoiding silos

Get the most out of your data — join us on September 16 for this insightful webinar, where you'll learn practical tips that you can implement right away.

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