Train Your Entire Staff To Elicit Kama Muta (Commonly Called That “Warm, Fuzzy” Feeling)

It's something that virtually all humans have experienced in our lives, especially those who work in guest-facing jobs in the hospitality industry. It happens when we make an authentic, personalized, and heartfelt connection with another human. It is a mutually experienced feeling, felt across cultures, nationalities, and languages. There is even a common gesture that humans around the globe use when the feeling arises, which is raising the right hand and placing it over the heart. While we in Western Cultures apparently don't have a word for this feeling, one can be found in the ancient Sanskrit language. The word is Kama Muta, which means "being moved by love." It is written as काममूत. This webcast covers:

  • Understanding the diversity of human travel experiences being lived out every day on the other side of the doors to your guest rooms, homes, and suites.
  • Realizing that hospitality can be a philosophy for daily living that just might make you a happier human. What's good for the guest and good for the company is also good for us personally!
  • Bringing out the best in others, brings out the best in ourselves. In other words, we can have a lot more fun at work!
  • Using your power of release, stomping out cynicism, and shining the light of hospitality to everyone we encounter.

This webinar is hosted by Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

For more information please contact Doug Kennedy

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