How To Turn Inbound Reservations Calls Into Outbound Direct Sales Opportunities

Most marketing and distribution leaders tend to think the role of reservations agents is to field inbound calls, answer questions, and close bookings. Yet when you look at the phone logs at resorts and vacation rental companies, many - and perhaps most - guests call multiple times prior to booking. The longer the stay, the higher the rates, the larger the party, the more accommodation types to consider, and most importantly, the more emotionally invested the guest is in their travel planning, the more likely it is that several conversations will be required to get a caller across the finish line. This webcast covers:

  • Reasons why guests may not be ready to book during their first call.
  • The importance of using a tracking system to organize call notes and trace leads on follow-up task lists.
  • Advantages of using a reservations CRM, but also how to get in the game right now by making your own form in Excel or Sheets.
  • How to help callers narrow down their options during conversations, rather than emailing a long list of all available accommodations that will leave them feeling overwhelmed.
  • How to ask for their email address and phone number in a way that ensures they provide it!
  • Sample dialogue and verbiage to use to personalize follow-up email templates.
  • How to follow-up tenaciously without seeming pushy and annoying.
  • Sample phrasing for personalizing your follow-up calls and emails.

This webinar is hosted by Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

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