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The white paper explores the benefits of engaging both employees and guests in a hotel's sustainability initiatives. The authors argue that a dual approach is more effective for improving hotel sustainability, as it brings together the strengths of both stakeholders, leading to a more efficient use of resources and a culture of sustainability that drives continuous improvement. Firstly, the paper highlights the advantages of engaging employees, including increased job satisfaction, employee morale, and a more productive and motivated workforce. Secondly, the advantages of engaging guests are outlined, including cost savings, improved brand image, better communication and increased loyalty. The authors then outline 10 strategies for both engaging employees, as well as 10 strategies for engaging guests, before highlighting some industry examples of where this has been done in practice. The white paper then presents the findings of research conducted on Singaporean hoteliers, examining their views on this collaborative approach, before concluding the white paper with an action plan that hoteliers could implement.

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Dr. Detlev REMY
Associate Professor
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)