User disengagement: the future of hospitality technology

The future of hospitality technology lies in user disengagement, a philosophy that prioritizes unobtrusive, background technology to enhance human-to-human interaction. While it may seem counterintuitive for a technology company to advocate for less use of their products, the hospitality industry thrives on unique experiences that take people away from the expected. The key is creating technology that works silently in the background, freeing hotel staff from screens and keyboards and allowing guests to focus on enjoying their stay rather than engaging with administrative tasks. 

Less is more. It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with, but one that most of us probably don’t abide by – as anyone who’s ever listened to me speak can attest to... Nevertheless, it’s a powerful concept, perhaps because it can be surprisingly difficult to attain.

So, how can we apply this principle to hospitality in a way that will benefit not only guests but hoteliers too? Simple: through user disengagement. User disengagement is the philosophy and practice of freeing people from technology or processes that don’t add value to their experience.

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