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C-SUITE World Panel

In HN's C-SUITE World Panel, industry leaders question C-Suite executives on timely topics which are expected to drive change in 2021 and beyond. Covered topics include human capital, diversity, information technology and sustainability.

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

In this inaugural HospitalityNet World Panel, industry Experts in hospitality share their views on pertinent topics and developments in Digital Marketing. Submitted expert views are merged into news articles published on HospitalityNet.

Hotel Ownership, Development and Management

This panel discusses and debates current and future trends and challenges in the hotel industry, most notably those concerning the relationship between hotel owners, management companies, asset managers and general managers.

Housekeeping in Hospitality

Housekeeping is a core contributor to the guest experience and one of the largest line items on a hotel P&L. This forum seeks to advance the business of housekeeping and explores the many logistical challenges in a department that is shaped by complex people management, increasing guest expectations, profitability challenges and now, additional demands from both guests and other stakeholders in an environment forged by a pandemic.

Human Touch in Hospitality

Is the human touch still needed in hospitality? With innovations like mobile keycards, virtual assistants and automatic notifications, the answer might seem to be “no.” Yet research shows that many customers still prefer the human touch.

Information Technology

In this HN World Panel, produced in partnership with, Hospitality Net addresses timely and relevant topics within hospitality technology. Panel experts range from Hotel brand IT executives, consultants as well as vendors.

Revenue Optimization

Revenue optimization is the strategic management of pricing, inventory, demand and distribution channels to maximize revenue growth over the long term. Encompassing both the philosophy and supporting technology behind driving hotel revenues, the panel will focus on the non-customer facing challenges and opportunities faced by today's hotel commercial directors including forecasting, budgeting, KPIs and performance measurement, inventory and channel management, sales and event management, revenue management systems, booking engines, and decision support tools.

Sustainability in Hospitality

The Sustainability in Hospitality Panel is about exploring ideas, solutions and strategies required by the industry facing increased environmental and societal challenges. Since sustainability cover a wide-range of topics, the panel is supported by experts across many fields – food, energy, water, waste, facilities, communication, social, strategy.

Visioning a post-COVID Era

In this panel, Hospitality Net takes a deep dive into how technology suppliers are updating their strategies and product specs in response to changing hotel demands in the post-COVID world.

Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa

This panel examines how Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa contribute to hospitality value proposition growth and impact the leisure, tourism and business economy. The objective of the panel is to provide high-level, experienced, and diverse industry viewpoints on topics ranging from investment and development to industry trends, strategic planning and operational performance.