Specific to Sonesta St. Maarten, global hospitality technology provider Monscierge has developed a custom integration that provides check-in functionality for guests, as well as verifying requests made by guests using the resort's mobile app throughout their stay.

The Sonesta St. Maarten's partnership with Monscierge comes with a full range of Monscierge Connect products, including Mobile, CMS, Lobby and Staff. This technology suite provides local and resort information to guests' mobile devices and lobby touchscreens, as well as seamless mobile communication between staff members and guests, and tracking and reporting analytics.

Sonesta partners with Monscierge launching digital guest journey.— Source: Monscierge
Sonesta partners with Monscierge launching digital guest journey.— Source: Monscierge

"There are many mobile resort apps available in the market. Based on a thorough analysis of functionality requirements and integration options with our property management system, Monscierge showed the best fit and a very competitive offering," says Huub Lambooy, Director of Technology, The Maho Group. "Besides this, especially for mobile, we were looking for a company with a broad market reach, so that development is constant and new functionality is continuously added to the product."

Because the resorts offer a multitude of dining options, entertainment and events, it was a challenge to keep all guests informed of all their options. Central and real-time management of content keeps information consistent across multiple channels and ensures the guest always has access to the latest information, both on property and while exploring the island. The Monscierge resort app will greatly help guests to make the most out of their holiday.

"The Monscierge resort app will help our team members retrieve real-time information and allow us to faster assist guests with answering questions that may not be relevant to their department – it will strengthen the connection and flow of information between each department and overall product knowledge amongst our team. The app will also be a good resource for travel professionals, home-based travel agents, etc. and a great tool for our sales team to provide additional information about our resorts." -- Eliska Hesova, Director of Business Development, Sonesta Resorts St. Maarten

Further, Hesova says, "Having real-time information automatically available and distributed in an electronic version is just another part of our company global development plan and a great step forward into the 'modern world' of digital media and follows what consumers are looking for in any industry – including hospitality."

"Positive guest engagement is paramount in a resort environment. We want to offer our guests multiple options to engage our team, both for getting information about our destination and making any requests. We expect adding the possibility to do this from your own device will positively add to the experience of the guest," says Lambooy. "Our new Monscierge resort app will be a great tool to help our guests make the most out of their holiday by providing up-to-date information about our resort and destination, and be an additional channel to engage our team."

Located in the center of Maho Village in St. Maarten, the resort features three all-inclusive properties: The family-friendly Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, the adults-only Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, Casino & Spa and the luxury adults-only Sonesta Ocean Point Resort. Each property boasts multiple dining options and pools, beautiful events facilities, casino and spa.

About Sonesta St. Maarten: At Sonesta, we believe we have a compelling story to tell. Four core principles drive our passion and shape the experience of every guest, employee, and colleague who walks through a Sonesta door – integrity, authenticity, quality and concern. We bring these values to every one of our nearly 70 properties in 8 countries…and counting!

Monscierge is a global software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. Monscierge has built a powerful, scalable platform that powers their expansive product line, Connect, to help enhance communications and relationships between hotel guest and staff through mobile, tablet, large-format touch-screen devices, and the central web-based platform that manages content. With installations in over 60 countries and multilingual capabilities, Monscierge is dedicated to improving guest experiences and hotel staff efficiency throughout all hospitality service tiers.

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