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Luxury Hotel and Resort Photography

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Eileen Escarda Hospitality Photographer

Eileen Escarda is an visual story-teller and photographer who creates beautiful images for hospitality industry clients. Eileen's passion for light, in all it's manifestations, allows her to excel in a multidisciplinary career. Whether it's architectural interiors and exteriors, lifestyle photography, aerials or food - she strives for images to be authentic and real. Helping others achieve their story telling goals inspires her creatively and is what guides her work. Based in South Florida, Eileen shoots world wide with assistance of countless talented resources, which she has collaborated with throughout 28+ years in the industry. No vision is unattainable.

According to the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association's (HSMAI) and Libris Special Report on Hospitality and Travel Industry Use of Visual Assets, the following industry trends stress the need for high quality, authentic imagery to communicate brand messages to consumers.

  • Demand for visual assets continues to grow, with 86% reporting that the volume of new images and video combined has increased in the last year.
  • Almost one-third of respondents (32%) invest more than $50,000 annually in visual assets.
  • The majority of hospitality and travel brands are using images and video for a wide range of purposes, led by website use (96%).
  • Content created by consumers infuses visual communications with authenticity. User-generated content (47%) and social media influencers (38%) are a growing source of visual assets and hot topics in the hospitality and travel industry.
  • Nearly half of hospitality and travel organizations (48%) have massive visual media collections with more than 1,000 visual images.
  • Demand for access to visual assets is high. 72% said the frequency to access their organization's visual assets has increased in the past year.
  • Visual assets are critical to social media, with 93% of respondents using images and video on social media. Many use imagery across several social media platforms.
Eileen Escarda
Hospitality Photographer
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