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There's a reason that Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants by IHG has risen through the ranks to become the best loved boutique hotels in all of the global hospitality industry. Actually, there are many reasons.

Kimpton Hotels by IHG has done an admiral and impressive job marketing itself as a destination for savvy travelers who are always looking for the most thoughtful perks. They've done this by positioning Kimpton Hotels as place where visitors can receive unique experience and unmatched services that make each and every stay there feel as personal as can be.

Make no mistake, Kimpton Hotels is a stylish hotel brand that attracts guests and visitors with bold strokes of hip design, design that never falls into feeling stuffy, or even comes close, really. Currently, this brand is comprised by 63 boutique hotels that are located in 33 cities across the globe, and, according to information available in TOPHOTELPROJECTS' database, the brand has big plans for expanding in the coming years as well.

Currently, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants by the InterContinental Hotels Group PLC has 13 projects slated to be completed soon. These under construction projects are projected to yield a total of 2,261 new hotel rooms for guests. This construction will be wrapping up sooner rather than later. In fact, 8 of the 13 projects underway for Kimpton Hotels are projected to be completed in the year 2017, while 3 are slated for the year 2018 and 2 for the year 2019 or beyond.

The location of these upcoming projects is also notable, as Kimpton Hotels and Restuarants is slated to go all in on expanding in the North America continent, with a bit of development to take place in Europe as well. Of the ongoing hotel construction projects for Kimpton, 11 of these projects are going to be located in North America, yielding up a grand total of 1,815 rooms, according to information from TOPHOTELPROJECTS data base. Meanwhile, only 2 projects are slated to open in Europe, yielding a total of 446 rooms.

Of the 13 total projects that Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants currently has underway, the majority are in the planning phase, with 6 falling into that category. In terms of hotels that are currently under construction, Kimpton has 4 that fit that description, as well as 2 more in the vision stage, and 1 in the pre-planning phase of development.

Let's take a look at some of the more interesting projects that are currently underway:

Kimpton Kawana Bay Grenada Resort

A hillside retreat tucked away between tropical rainforest cliffs and the world-renowned Grand Anse Beach, the international luxury resort will offer picturesque views and instant access to the southeastern Caribbean Sea and surrounding mountains.

Kimpton Hotel San Jose

The new Kimpton hotel will include approximately 8,000 square feet of meeting space, a full service restaurant, a fast-casual Café, a sixth-floor bar and an outdoor pool and fitness center.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach

The 96-unit hotel will rise five stories around a central atrium, additionally featuring a canopy-inspired rooftop pool, gourmet restaurant, and fitness center.

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