Adria Hotel Forum 2018 — Source: Adria Hotel Forum

Adria Hotel Forum is the leading Southeast European hotel investment conference held every year in Zagreb, Croatia and visited by international and regional hotel industry experts. The sixth edition of Adria Hotel Forum (AHF) will be held on February 14th and 15th 2018. in Sheraton hotel in Zagreb on the following theme: OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY

It is related to the geopolitical situation in Europe and the main questions: Are we managing growth or is it "happening" to us? And are we competitive?

On the subject of these two important issues, as well as other topics like: Facing the challenge of human capital shortage, the latest Investors' strategies, Comparison on hotel market in the region, Hospitality trends and what are the global players doing to face them, What are new products which are expanding successfully, we will be discussing in February in Zagreb.

In one place, AHF gathers all the relevant actors including international experts, presidents and members of the boards of the largest regional and global hotel companies, ministers, investors, institutional representatives, financial institutions, consultants, architects, lawyers and other experts. Until now AHF has gathered more than 1500 attendees, 200 panelists, 90 round-table discussion sand presentations, and more than 140 partners.

Panelists are, among others, representatives of the largest international hotel and affiliated companies such as: Accor Hotels, InterContinental Group, Hyatt International, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Colliers International, HVS, Delta Group, GIHE, STR Global and many others.

Organizing committee of Adria Hotel Forum 2018 are Takuya Aoyama, Vice President Acquisitions & Development with Hyatt International; Dirk Bakker, Head of EMEA Hotels at Colliers International; Sanja Cizmar, Senior Partner at Hotel & Destination Consulting; Kristian Šustar, Member of the Board of HUP Zagreb, and Marina Franolić, organizer of Adria Hotel Forum.

Andrea Skerlj
PR and marketing
Adria Hotel Forum