Evention's newly developed solutions include Group Billing by Evention and Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention. In addition, Evention's solution for cash recycling now offers a small-volume hardware option.

Group Billing by Evention has been specifically designed for and tested by hospitality brands. Evention has partnered with two world-wide hotel companies to develop this all-encompassing solution. The solution centralizes the data from sales, contracts and tax exemption forms, credit, e-payment, point of sale (POS), and property management system (PMS) to create accurate final group invoices.

Without Group Billing by Evention, billing a group hotel stay is a highly involved process that relies on data spread across multiple platforms, often causing variances. Evention's solution eliminates the complexities associated with the manual process of billing a group for expenses related to its hotel stay.

Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention applies to both the hospitality and retail industries.

This solution transforms scattered credit card settlement data into one, easy-to-review format. It also provides complete reconciliation from POS to the processor, processor to the bank, and any variation in between.

Providing efficient reporting and standardized reconciliation, Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention arranges data from settled credit card transactions. By referencing data sources like bank deposits and credit card processor batches, this solution also provides quick and accurate comparison, as well as more manageable variance research.

As of January 2019, both new solutions, Group Billing and Credit Card Reconciliation, will be available for purchase and installation.

In addition, Evention now provides automated reconciliation for small-volume cash recycling hardware. Designed as an "under-the-counter" device, the new recycler expands Evention's cash recycling suite with options to suit hotel operations of any size.

This small-volume recycler debuted at the 2018 HITEC Houston Tradeshow.

With this recent product expansion, Evention's full solution suite includes: SecureDrop Cash Reconciliation, Tip and Gratuity Management, Cash Recycling (with multiple volume options), Group Billing, and Credit Card Reconciliation.

Elizabeth Kenney