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Supplier News26 October 2018

Whistle Provides Hotels With Opt-In Engine for Guest Messaging Platform

Whistle provides hotels with industry-leading opt-in engine for guest messaging

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Whistle, the top rated guest messaging platform, provides hotels with a powerful opt-in engine to verify messaging consent. Hotels obtain consent for SMS and Mobile Messages from guests, ensuring proper opt-in.

Whistle's opt-in engine is a critical component for messaging, now more so than ever, in light of the increasingly tightened privacy regulations across the EU and USA. Whistle actively helps hotels collect consent records and eliminate messaging liability.

With Whistle's platform, hotels have the ability to use SMS text messaging and mobile messaging to communicate in real-time with guests and staff. The messaging service provides a convenient and efficient method of engagement for all travelers.

About Whistle Messaging, Inc.

At Whistle, we believe there is a better way to run your hotel. A more efficient, less invasive way where guests are engaged from booking through departure. We're passionate about what we do, and our mission is to help hotels achieve it. We focus on bridging the gap between your guests and your team, simplifying the experience for everyone involved. Through our software, Whistle's goal is to become the digital front desk for your hotel, reducing the workload of your staff while elevating the guest experience.

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