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Press Release 3 December 2018

Marriott Can Learn Lessons From Data Breach To Become Industry Leader On Cybersecurity, Says Globaldata

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Following Marriotts announcement of a data breach affecting up to 500 million people,


Nick Wyatt, Head of Tourism at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on how the company can turn the disaster into a positive:

Marriott cannot afford for this to happen again and so must now invest very heavily in improved detection and response-based technologies such as deception-based solutions, endpoint detection and response, software defined segmentation, and behavior analytics.

GlobalData forecasts that by 2021, global cybersecurity products and services revenues are expected to reach US$140bn, up from US$114bn in 2017 and breaches like this present a great opportunity for cybersecurity consultants like Accenture, IBM, KPMG, PwC, FireEye, Herjavec Group, and Root9B. Other hotel companies cannot afford to ignore this issue and these companies can profit greatly as a result.

In the more immediate term, Marriott must show that it is employing post-breach consultants to help take all actions possible to protect critical digital assets. Such firms will also look to identify the characteristics of the hackers in a bid to pre-empt further attacks. If Marriott can demonstrate that it is using such services, its claims of reducing future data security risks will have far more credibility.

Marriott has a chance to repair the reputational damage inflicted by shaping the future for the better and being seen as the catalyst for improved industry standard systems would be a great fillip. It must seize this opportunity to turn a great negative into a positive.

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