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External Article 5 December 2018

CEO Interview: Franck Gervais of AccorHotels Europe, on What European Hospitality Looks Like Today

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Europe's appetite for cutting-edge design, community-driven approaches, and contemporary food and beverage concepts is constantly evolving. Hotel brands, developers, and other leaders in the industry should take note.

Most hotel brands are laser-focused on expanding in developing countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, but it would be a mistake to ignore what's currently unfolding in Europe. There's been a huge wave of innovation coming out of the continent's hospitality industry. The days of having to choose between either grande dame hotels or boring budget beds are over, replaced by a plethora of niche lodging options that focus on community, connectivity, and creativity.

Franck Gervais, AccorHotels' CEO Europe, joined the company in November 2017 after working in France's railway sector for more than a decade. During his time as chief executive officer of, he focused on projects designed to enhance the customer experience. As someone relatively new to the hotel industry, Gervais brings a fresh perspective to the topic of innovation within the European hospitality sector.

SkiftX spoke to Gervais about his thoughts on hospitality in Europe today, how legacy brands are reinventing themselves, how developers are rethinking public spaces, and the future of AccorHotels in Europe.

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