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Supplier News24 April 2019

IDS Next Experiences Another Record-Shattering Month of Sales to End their Fiscal Year

Leading innovative hotel technology solutions provider closes March 2019 with 60 new deals signed in emerging markets

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IDS Softwares Pvt. Ltd

IDS Next, the leading global provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry in emerging markets, today released their fiscal year-end sales results and celebrate a record-breaking 60 new deals signed in March 2019.

Today's emerging markets are experiencing dramatic growth and IDS Next is supporting this growth when it comes to hotel technology adoption. They are the hotel industry's first choice in technology solutions for Asia, Africa and the Middle East. IDS Next provides unrivalled and cutting-edge hospitality technology solutions and has done so for decades. Their solutions optimize operational costs, increase revenues, and surpass guest engagement goals for hotels in all market segments, from enterprise to single property. Their line of innovative solutions includes highly integrated hotel management software, restaurant management software, central reservations, hotel channel management, and mobile apps.

"We ended 2019 with a bang and I expect the new fiscal year to follow on this momentum and deliver even greater growth," explains Binu Mathews, CEO of IDS Next. "With travel to Asia, Africa and the Middle East booming, hoteliers that take advantage of the revenue growth potential in emerging markets are the ones that will come out on top in the future. To do so, having country-specific operations and long-term technology players who demonstrate investments in local resources and with 24/7 support leads to success for our hotel clients."

In March 2019, IDS Next successfully closed the following deals:

  • 31 new deals signed in India including Nahargarh Rantahmbore and Royal Mumbai Yatch club
  • Along with six FX 1 deals in India at 3102BCE, Hoysala Village, Lake Palace Alleppey, and Southern Plaza
  • 3 deals in Sri Lanka with Gala Villa Boutique, Arie Lagoon, and Hotel Girithale
  • 1 deal in the Philippines at The Farm at San Benito
  • 1 deal in Nepal at Hotel Chitwan Pvt. Ltd
  • 2 deals in the United Arab Emirates including the Green House Hotel
  • 12 deals in Saudi Arabia including Namma Mawaddah
  • 1 deal in Qatar at The Royal Riviera Hotel
  • 3 deals in Rwanda including the New Cadillac Night Club
  • 1 deal in Ghana at Rock City

And many more...

IDS Next software and technology solutions are trusted by over 4900+ hotels in 40 countries across South Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Oceania. Consistently at the forefront of innovation, IDS Next is determined to empower the hotel industry in emerging markets to exceed their operational and guest engagement goals.

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About IDS Next

IDS Next is a globally leading Hotel Technology Solutions provider with decades of unmatched domain expertise. Being pioneers in Hotel ERP architecture, our forte lies in providing unparalleled technology solutions for hospitality properties across categories. With unrivalled domain expertise, our USP lies in creating solutions that help hotels increase revenues, optimize costs and above all provide enhanced guest experience.

We are a dynamic company, which fully understands emerging markets, and its high growth needs. We provide efficient solutions across categories such as large independent hotels, chain hotels, boutique or resort hotels and even small budget hotels. Our offerings include integrated hotel management software, restaurant management software, mobile apps and mobile analytic solutions etc.

Armed with industry-leading technology and overwhelming TCO, we command large market share in the markets we operate, and growing at an enviable speed. Our software and technology solutions have also earned the trust of over 5000+ hotels in 40 countries spread across South Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka & Maldives and Oceania. A truly dedicated 24/7-support centre ensures 98% retention of customers and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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