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External Article26 March 2020

40 Percent Of Companies Expect Business Travel To Resume Within 3 Months: New Poll

Considering the widespread travels bans in place, Global Business Travel Association members are either overly confident about when normality will resume, or underestimate the seriousness of the situation.

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About 40 percent of companies predicted corporate travel will resume within the next three months, according to a new lighting poll conducted by the Global Business Travel Association. About 17 percent said six months was more realistic.


However, four in 10 (40 percent) say they are unsure when travel will resume.

The realities of present day are somber. Ninety-six percent of companies reveal they have canceled or suspended all or most international business travel, Four in five (82 percent) have canceled or suspended all or most domestic business trips.Since the coronavirus outbreak, the travel group has regularly been polling its member companies to gain snapshots of the various impacts of coronavirus, in part to aid its lobbying measures.

The results from its fourth "lightning" poll reflect just how much corporate travel has come to a standstill across the globe.

The association surveyed members from March 18-21, with 1,155 companies submitting responses.

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