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External Article 3 April 2020

10 of the best places to revisit after lockdown: readers' travel tips

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Some places stand as monuments to recovery, others inspire our readers with their beauty - or the wisdom of the ancients.


Winning tip: Epidaurus, Greece

Ten years ago we were at Epidaurus, and each took turns to descend to the orchestra and read from Sophocles or Euripides - among the wisest writers of all time. It's been a turbulent 10 years for Greece and for us. When the dust has settled it would be good to revisit and remind ourselves of some of the eternal wisdoms and pleasures.
Mary O'Keeffe

Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2013 I visited Christchurch, a city slowly emerging from the crisis of the 2011 earthquakes. Things appeared normal until you noticed the cracks, jaunty angles and misaligned lintels. The spray paint from the rescue teams was still visible on shops; the empty white chairs, one for every life lost, stood wistfully in the centre, and the beautiful cathedral was fenced off in disrepair. But the vibrant Re:start mall and its indie shops, chilled buskers, Lego-adorned coffee cabins and rainbow flowerpots were the first signs of the resilience of this bohemian city. In a time where we need to focus on recovery and a brighter future, I look forward to seeing what Christchurch becomes.
Anna Kennett

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