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External Article 6 April 2020

Marketers Confront What Travel Will Look Like Post-Crisis

As realization sinks in that the coronavirus catastrophe will change travel behaviors, marketers are figuring out how the crisis will reshape clients and and how their brands can remain relevant.

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Demystifying the future of travel appears to be the next big thing for marketers, and it should usher in a second round of campaigns that is more targeted than the first since the coronavirus crisis began.

Initially, when it became clear that travel was coming to a screech due to restrictions, campaigns that hit the right notes — hope, yearnings to see you but can't, together in this — started appearing. Stunning videos and live streams of cooking classes and such try to keep brands and travel alive: if you can't travel, travel will go to you.

But the new question is: If you can travel, will I matter to you? Expectations are that what travelers value before will not be what they will prize in future. If brands don't take heed, they stand to lose.

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