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External Article23 April 2020

Everyone Is Still Traveling ... In Their Living Room

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(CNN) — Just a few weeks ago, engineer Philipp Klein Herrero emerged from his sleeping bag, scaled a snowy mountain, skied off the top slopes, and hit a nearly 360-degree turn before crashing to the ground.


Herrero managed this dream adventure while keeping to social distancing rules. He just did the whole thing from his apartment.

Herrero, who lives in Barcelona, spent 10 hours creating an entire ski trip from bedsheets and ski equipment that had been gathering dust since he'd canceled his annual family ski trip to France because of Spain's lockdown.

Instead, he used his GoPro and a stop-animation technique to recreate his trip, hoping to cheer up family and friends. When he posted the video to YouTube he ended up reaching an audience of over 600,000.

"I wanted it to feel like an actual mountain adventure if you closed your eyes," said Herrero. "When I posted the video, it literally exploded. I never expected this kind of traffic."

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