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Press Release 8 May 2020

SHA Wellness Clinic Develops Innovative Preventative Measures For Reopening

SHA Wellness Clinic the First Wellness Clinic in Spain to Announce Medical Grade Cleaning Protocol

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SHA Wellness Clinic

Madrid - The internationally recognized holistic well-being clinic, SHA Wellness is once again demonstrating its leadership in the health and wellness industry by adopting innovative measures to protect guests and staff against COVID-19 upon reopening to the public. These measures will include testing for COVID-19 multiple times before stepping foot on property, UV ray and ozone treatments for disinfection, the implementation of thermographic cameras, elimination of all paper elements and more.


"It is important to us that our guests not only feel safe when it's time to return to SHA, but that they get healthier during their stay," said Alejandro Bataller Pineda, Vice President of SHA Wellness Clinic. "It is with this in mind that we are working tirelessly to put protective measures in place to ensure their protection and health gains. We understand that traveling in the future will come with concerns and we want to do our best to make our guests feel comfortable and confident."

SHA's team is utilizing their expertise to develop a multi-prong approach to ensure the safety of their guests, starting even before arrival and continuing after their stay.

SHA Uses Medical Expertise

Prior to returning to the property, all staff will be required to get tested for COVID-19. All guests must also undergo testing 24-48 hours before arrival and will also receive an antibody test upon arrival at SHA in addition to a medical examination. Thermographic cameras will be installed for temperature detection in all guest and staff areas. In addition, Immunotherapy and lymphocyte profile consultations will be included in all bookings to assess the state of the guest's immune system.

A specific pack for immune system strengthening will be created and added as a complementary part of to the Rebalance health program. SHA will also encourage guests to book creative treatments to help strengthen the immune system such as stem cell therapy, infrared heat, optimal electromagnetic balance, ozone treatments, serum therapy treatments, and more.

All rooms and spaces will be properly disinfected with innovative techniques including UV technology and intensified cleaning protocol using anti-viral products. UV disinfection towers will be installed in all Wellness Clinic suites and spaces and ozone treatments will be used to disinfect all vehicles and luggage.

Guests will now check in to SHA in their private suite rather than a common area and disinfectant gel dispensers will be added to all spaces. Sanitary kits with protective gear such as masks and gloves will be available for all guests as well.

SHA Eliminates All Paper

To further avoid sources of contamination, all paper materials will be eliminated, and the SHA app will be used to view items such as restaurant menus, treatment catalogues, etc.

SHA Creates Space for Social Distancing

In order to adhere to the current social distancing guidelines, the occupancy for all common and private spaces will be decreased in order to ensure maximum space and privacy for each guest. Preferential time slots will also be provided for scheduling treatments/activities to prevent crowding.

SHA Residences for Greater Privacy

The 11 SHA Residences allow guests to enjoy an extensive list of treatments and medical consultations with a range of health experts without having to leave the residence providing more privacy, comfort and exclusivity.

SHA Works Around You

Guest satisfaction will remain a top priority at SHA. The current policy around reservations and changes will be flexible to accommodate any changes or rescheduling of their stay if needed. In addition, private transportation will be provided upon request. A car transfer can be arranged from/to the airport or regional train stations and scheduling of private jets shared with other guests for certain international routes (London/Paris/Moscow/New York) can be accommodated.

SHA Stays Connected

SHA will be implementing health consultation and select remote sessions to guests so they can follow-up on their health progress after their stay. Additionally, the experts will be sharing the SHA Method with the world via social media and SHA Magazine online with daily programming of health tips, recipes, and to help people say mentally and physically fit while at home.

About SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA is a worldwide pioneering wellness clinic that is dedicated to significantly improving and prolonging the health and well-being of people by using an integrative and comprehensive approach that merges the most proven and effective natural therapies with the lasts scientific medicine techniques, giving special emphasis to a healing but delicious nutrition. SHA does not simply consider health as the absence of illness, rather, it is an optimum state of complete physical and mental wellbeing, with an ideal weight and vitality. During its existence, SHA has transformed the lives of over 60.000 people, including a long list of world personalities.

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