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External Article22 June 2020

Could This Invisible Air Shield Protect Fliers From COVID-19?

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(CNN) — A simple device that fits on to the existing air vents inside an airplane cabin could help reduce the risk of inflight COVID-19 infections.

Seattle-based technology company Teague says its new AirShield device enhances air flows that already help minimize the spread of germs on board, creating an invisible 'shield' around passengers.

AirShield is a 3D-printed component that fits onto the Passenger Service Unit that you'll find above each passenger in an airplane cabin. The unit usually contains a reading light and vents, known as air gaspers, which send air downward onto the seat occupant.

Ordinarily, each passenger can control the direction and velocity of the air that's blasting onto them in the same way that they can also decide if they want their light on or off.AirShield sculpts the flow into blades that ensure any respiratory droplets are retained within a single passenger's space, and shouldn't be breathed in by the occupant of a neighboring seat.

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