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Press Release 2 July 2020

Hotel Advertising: The Rise of Display in the World of Meta

A new white paper released by D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

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D-EDGE Hospitality Services

Paris -- D-EDGE circulated a White Paper in 2017 that revealed the significance and importance of Metasearch in the hotel room sales. Today, D-EDGE publishes a new report that analyses, not only the canonical metasearch platforms, but also all those advertising channels that contribute to hotels' direct revenue.

In this study, based on a fixed pool of 954 properties worldwide using D-EDGE Digital media solutions over the last eight years (2012 - 2019), some major trends and patterns appear clearly as indicated below:

  • Bookings generated by ad-driven campaigns increased by 200% from 2013 to 2019.
  • Google Hotel Ads is now the largest metasearch channel in terms of the number of clicks and number of hotel bookings; it earns 57% of all metasearch bookings.
  • Bookings from metasearch remain the largest ad-driven booking channel.

But the most striking result is by Display Advertising, one of the latest digital media techniques: it now generates 31% of ad-based bookings, overtaking branded search as illustrated in the gif below.

As hoteliers are, more than ever, looking at optimising their digital marketing campaigns, it is crucial that they base their strategy on facts rather than on popular belief or past best practices. In this report, they will find a complete, up-to-date analysis on the performance of the different Digital Media used by hotels (display advertising, Metasearch, Search) in terms of Volume of reservations generated, acquisition costs and return on ad spend.

The report is available on D-EDGE Website in English, Czech French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

About D-EDGE

D-EDGE is a SaaS company offering leading-edge cloud-based e-commerce solutions to more than 12,000 hotels in over 100 countries.

Combining technical excellence with digital marketing expertise, D-EDGE brings a holistic hospitality technology infrastructure under one roof. The integrated range of solutions covers all stages of hotel distribution which encompasses Central Reservation System, Guest Management, Data Intelligence, Connectivity Hub, Digital Media and Website Creation.

With a team of 350 experts located in over 20 countries, D-EDGE provides localised support, services and tools. With its global network of 500+partners, D-EDGE's ever-expanding ecosystem is a positive place to do business and grow.

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