Source: PrivateDeal SA

PrivateDeal provides an innovative booking solution for hotels which includes a unique smart negotiation process. The platform, which is available directly on hotels' websites, allows guests to propose a price for a stay. In response, the offer is either accepted or further negotiated by the AI-powered algorithm.

The Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa, one of the most prestigious establishments in Lausanne (Switzerland), adopted the system in order to deliver a brand new booking experience to their guests while increasing online bookings. After more than one year of use, the results were more than promising.

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About PrivateDeal SA

PrivateDeal SA is a Swiss company created in partnership with Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and providing a Smart Negotiation Solution for hotels. As a cloud based system setup directly on hotels" website, PrivateDeal allows guests to propose a price for a stay in response to which it will either accept or negotiate the offer through an AI-powered algorithm. The platform assists hoteliers in increasing direct bookings while better monitoring their pricing strategy through a demand-driven approach.

Matthieu Mauguin