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External Article22 October 2020

Study: COVID-19 Reversing Diversity Progress In Hospitality Industry

Senior women and ethnic minorities have been hardest hit

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Asian Hospitality

COVID-19 MAY HAVE reversed some of the progress made in diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, travel and leisure sector, according to a new study from the MBS Group. The report also found that senior women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds will be impacted more than their male and white counterparts.

Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure also sponsored the study, "Guarding against unintended consequences: The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender and Race & Ethnic Diversity in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure." It is based on conversations with more than 60 hospitality and travel businesses as well as a survey of 1,500 employees,

"This report represents a snapshot of what we heard and experienced over the last few months. A few considerations and learnings are worth capturing and informing our leaders' approach as we experience an increase of COVID-19 cases and face enhanced restrictions that will inflict further damage on our industry," said Tea Colaianni, WiHTL founder and chairwoman, in the report's intro.

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