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DemoDay Reveals the Future of Revenue Management: Data-Based Forecasting, Using Lybra’s Assistant RMS

WEBINAR ALERT: January 27, 2021 at 16:00 CET/10am EST

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Lybra's DemoDay will unveil the future of revenue management: using data-based forecasting, via Lybra's Assistant RMS, to determine the right room rate, at the right time, increasing your property's bookings and revenue, to help your property reach financial recovery, today and post-COVID, more quickly.

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WHEN: January 27, 2021 at 16:00 CET/10am EST

WHY: 2021 brings real hope for the recovery of the hospitality industry - but to be prepared for the recovery, hotels need to set their properties up for the future. What worked in 2019 will no longer work today because our market is completely different than it ever has been; rather than focusing on a property's past pricing and metrics, the future of revenue management is based on the forecasting of future demand data.

The best way to remain competitive in a depressed market is to use an RMS, like Lybra's Assistant, that uses the right data, plus advanced machine learning technology, to effectively analyze all available Big Data - prioritizing flight search, market and competition data ­- to more accurately determine a property's demand and offer price suggestions that will help hotels get more bookings and increase revenue.

Lybra's Assistant is also the only RMS that provides hoteliers with future flight search data- including departure city and airport, destinations, travel dates, one- or two-way flights, etc. - obtained from a leading metasearch booking site, as a means to determine future demand, accessible through the solution's dashboard.

Flight search data is a strong indicator for travel intent and, therefore, for hotel booking intent; having access to flight search patterns is particularly useful for revenue managers when establishing accurate, competitive room rates, especially in today's highly volatile travel market.

Using Lybra's Assistant RMS, hotels can learn:

  • How many searches are being made for hotels in your destination?
  • What are potential guests looking for?
  • At what price?

Register for Lybra's DemoDay to see, firsthand, how the right data, analyzed using the right RMS, will help hotels recover more quickly, no matter how the pandemic affects demand:

WHO: The event will include presentations by:

Fulvio Giannetti, CEO & Head of Data Science at Lybra
Fulvio Giannetti is the CEO of Lybra - part of The Zucchetti Group­, an experienced Data Scientist, and a Docent of Big Data Analytics Professionals. As CEO of Lybra, Fulvio is responsible for leading the operational and strategic direction of the company, with full responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long-range planning and global product management.

Using his experience in data science, Fulvio also built Lybra's Assistant machine learning-based RMS from scratch, slowly but surely, testing every possible scenario to ensure that the RMS is able to accurately interpret a property's external and internal data to predict the best price, no matter how the market changes. To reach Fulvio, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

Erik Muñoz, Chief Commercial Officer at Lybra & Revenue Management Expert
Erik Muñoz is a hotel technology specialist, originally from Australia but now based in the UK, and the Chief Commercial Officer for Lybra. Erik leverages his deep experience with revenue management systems & analytics, property management systems and online distribution technology to provide his clients and partners with valuable insights and advice to help grow a hotel business in a more efficient manner. To reach Erik, please connect with him on LinkedIn.

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About Lybra (Formerly Lybra.Tech)
Lybra is a leading global hospitality technology company, offering an innovative, machine learning revenue management system (RMS) for the global hospitality industry. Lybra's Assistant RMS was designed to improve the quality of hoteliers' lives, by simplifying and automating daily operations to skyrocket their property's bookings and revenue - even in times of decreased demand, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2020, Lybra was acquired by The Zucchetti Group, a leading international technology company offering software, hardware and ITC services to many global sectors, including hospitality, education, transport and logistics, manufacturing, among others. As part of The Zucchetti Group, Lybra is even more well-positioned to offer hotel clients the most accurate pricing suggestions because of the wealth of international market and demand data - compiled by the global hospitality technology companies that are owned by The Zucchetti Group - that is now integrated into the company's Assistant RMS. To learn more about Lybra, visit

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