Event Temple, the Vancouver-based Sales CRM and Event Management Platform, continues to take the Hospitality Sales and Catering space by storm. This time they’ve announced the EMEA expansion of their partnership and customer success teams in a strategic move to better serve their global clients, prospects, and partners.

The hospitality software company’s expansion occurred in synchronicity with the signing of a chain-wide agreement with Amrâth Hôtels - a hospitality group based in the Netherlands. The family-run company decided to sign with Event Temple after a thorough evaluation process.

“Amrâth Hôtels was looking for a heavily integrated, growth platform with chain-level management,” said Bob Graham, CEO and Co-founder of Event Temple. “After seeing our above property functionality, a feature that is unrivalled in the industry, they were able to see how leveraging Event Temple could give them a unique competitive advantage. We’re excited to bring them on and see what we can create together.”

In spring of 2021, the company started to see an influx in international prospects and clients as a result of increased brand recognition and reopening markets. The software company identified a need for a global team and began looking to hire in the EMEA marketplace.

“Event Temple is built around 4 main pillars - ease of use, industry-leading support, best-in-class integrations, and enterprise scalability. Our goal is to empower our clients with the tools and education necessary so they can be sales leaders in their respective markets. In order to continue to provide our community with the level of service and communication that they’ve come to expect, we made the decision to expand our team’s EMEA presence,” explained Graham.

“Our people - from the development team all the way to our customer success team - are a massive differentiator for us. It’s one of the biggest reasons hotels sign and stay with us,” continued Graham. “Every member of our team has the unique ability to connect with our clients, prospects, and partners on an authentic level. As we started to see a steep uptick in global demand, we started looking for Customer Success and Partnership team members internationally.”

Event Temple has partnered with integration and partnership specialists Eva Fayemi and Ruben Westmeijer of Bond Partnerships. The pair are assisting Event Temple with growing their global partnership programs including their Reseller and Affiliates, Integration Partners, and Customer Ambassadors programs.

“Event Temple is a forward-thinking software company that provides hotels with sales enablement tools and event management software. Their goal is to help hotels identify business opportunities and optimize growth channels,” said Ruben Westmeijer, Co-founder of Bond Partnerships. “In the past year, they’ve released an industry-leading, above property CRM for chain level management as well as an open API, built robust PMS integrations, and have grown their international clientele - and this was all during Covid. When we were approached to work with them, we immediately saw that our core values aligned with theirs. We’re both customer-centric and believe in empowering the hospitality industry with the technology necessary to serve their guests.”

“Ruben and Eva have been instrumental in our global expansion. By working with them, we’ve been able to further build our partner ecosystem and help our hospitality clients win more business,” said Graham. “We’re thrilled to have customer success and partnership teams based in Europe. By expanding our live support hours and working with Bond Partnerships, we’ve been able to show our international community that we are here to serve them. It’s an exciting time at Event Temple and this is only the beginning.”

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About Event Temple

Event Temple is a modern Hotel and Venue Sales and Catering software company that provides the industry with an easy to use, integrated solution at an affordable price. The scalable enterprise software is ideal for hotels with no meeting spaces all the way to entire hotel chains.

Event Temple helps drive revenue growth while boosting efficiency by providing properties with sales enablement tools including prospecting and lead management, e-proposals and contracts, digital signatures, and group sales management all in one, intuitive platform. Event Temple is the industry's fastest growing Hospitality Sales and Catering CRM, with thousands of users in over 25 countries.

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