Google Confirms: Google Posts Usability Extended To Hotels — Photo by Milestone Inc.

Following Google’s confirmation, the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to engage with their customers. Businesses that fall within the ambit of the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to announce COVID-19 protocols, any updates to amenities or renovations under the ‘What’s New’ Option, and events that take place on the property under the ‘Event’ type of post. When published, the post will be displayed on the Knowledge Panel of the business and could prove to be the door to businesses for new and potential customers.

Limitation of Google Posts for the Hospitality Industry – No ‘Offer’ Posts

Businesses can’t use Google Posts for promotional purposes and as a result, the ‘Offer’ option that’s available for other industries will not be extended to the hospitality industry. The reasoning is that Google already displays the price of the bookings and that of OTAs and if there are deals or promotions, and having another ‘price-related’ section on the Knowledge Panel of the business could be a cause for price discrepancy and confusion for customers.

Do Google Posts drive engagement and revenue for businesses?

Yes, absolutely. Not only do Google Posts drive the Expertise-Authority-Trust (E-A-T) signals for your business and have proved to improve map rankings as well, they do drive engagement and revenue for businesses. We carried out a study to see if Google Posts actually drives engagement and revenue for businesses and while the numbers were overhauled by direct bookings on the website from GMB profile clicks, the engagement and revenue numbers of the business through Google Posts were significant as you can see in the image below.

Streamlining the Google Posts workflow with Milestone Local

Having to create and publish Google Posts for each GMB location independently could certainly prove to be an arduous task and that’s where a platform like Milestone Local comes in to make it a minute’s work. You read that correctly, using Milestone Local, you just have to create one post and you can publish it across all or select locations in one go - saving you the time to replicate and publish the post for each location. Choose your post type, schedule a post, or preview and publish right away – Milestone Local has a seamless end-to-end workflow for Google Posts and you can also track the engagement and revenue this functionality is driving.

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