Jason has a vision of hotel revenue management that differs from others, and this is a good thing. Leveraging his Engineering and Science degrees from MIT, Stanford University, and Cambridge University he has been able to look at revenue management with an objective eye. With the implementation of machine learning and statistics, the team at Pace has been able to turn pricing into a real-time exploration of how to optimally match supply and demand.

During this interesting, 20-minute interview Jason discusses the future of revenue management and the convergence of revenue management and business intelligence. To gain visibility into real-time actionable information for hoteliers and to make quick decisions, Pace has developed a proprietary algorithm along with artificial intelligence that enhances revenue opportunities.

We now live in a world of constant change and as hoteliers, we need to stay on top of this chaotic environment. Using platforms that make it easy for us to make beneficial decisions that impact the business, but also help hoteliers navigate the future, is just what our industry needs.

Spend 20-minutes with us as we chat about the future of revenue management and have some fun along the way.

About Pace Revenue

Commercial optimisation platform for the travel industry. Pace is all about real-time automated decision intelligence and industry leading BI, delivered through an intuitive cloud platform. For more information, please visit www.pacerevenue.com.

Edward Neale
Marketing Director at Pace Revenue