Data compliance and regulations have become increasingly important over the past few years. Hotels, resorts, and casinos around the globe collect high volumes of personal data for their guests and just like any other business that processes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), they must execute data subject requests to delete personal information, also known as data erasure.

Yet most hotels are still not adequately prepared to handle data subject requests to delete personal information, one of the highest-profile forms of modern data privacy protection. That’s where Cendyn’s eInsight CRM comes in! Our latest enhancement now allows hotels to quickly identify and erase guest profile information and ensure that the information is permanently deleted; all in a few short steps.

Confidently anonymize guest profile information

Although collecting and storing data can be quite daunting, eInsight CRM now makes it easy to manage your data erasure requests in-house with ease. With just a click of a button, eInsight CRM admin users, and anyone else in your organization that is granted the correct permissions, will be able to quickly anonymize guest profile information, ensuring that the information is permanently deleted.

With this simple workflow, it now cuts out the “middleman,” empowering your team to get this task done more efficiently and without delay.

— Source: Cendyn™— Source: Cendyn™
— Source: Cendyn™

Once the guest profile information has been deleted from eInsight CRM, a team member will receive an email confirming that a profile record was removed without exposing any of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It’s that simple!

— Source: Cendyn™— Source: Cendyn™
— Source: Cendyn™

Start taking control of your hotel’s data with complete confidence. Schedule your personalized demo today and learn why over 32,000 hotels globally are using eInsight CRM!


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