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Attendees and media at this year's Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) can experience firsthand the captivating holographic displays from Holoconnects and learn about the numerous benefits this technology brings to the hospitality sector.

The event takes place from June 26-29th in Toronto, Canada. It will feature a life-sized Holobox at the HITEC welcome desk, featuring HFTP CEO Franke Wolf and President Neil Foster as interactive holograms. The Holoconnects team will also be available to showcase the Holobox live at booth #1645.

The Holobox by Holoconnects is a two-way, interactive holographic technology that delivers a real-life, real-time experience. It automates tasks and optimizes FTEs time to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, drive revenue, and enhance service. Holobox already greets guests at the Aiden® by Best Western with a pre-recorded hologram video to provide human contact. Nine hotels are implementing Holobox, with another 50+ properties planning to adopt it over the next three years.

We are proud to showcase our latest advancements at such an important industry event. This revolutionary technology represents a major milestone for hoteliers. At a time when travel demand is high, and there is a global labor shortage, human-like automation is the answer. One employee can serve between 30 - 60 hotels during the night shift remotely via the Holobox, and the ROI of one Holobox at one location can be achieved within just months. Andre Smith, CEO and co-founder of Holoconnects

Andre adds, In an increasingly competitive hospitality landscape, hotels constantly seek innovative solutions to provide unique and memorable guest experiences. We understand this challenge and have developed an advanced holographic system that creates captivating and immersive environments for hotel guests.

Transforming Guest Experiences through Holographic Technology

The Holoconnects holographic solution offers a wide range of applications in the hotel industry. Whether projecting holographic entertainment during events, hosting virtual meetings and conferences, or offering holographic music performances, holograms can set hotels apart and leave a lasting impression on guests. Additionally, holograms can create lifelike representations of staff members, enhancing service and offering personalized interactions. From interactive holographic concierge services to lifelike hotel check-in and out, this technology enables hotels to captivate guests and provide unparalleled levels of engagement. With AI-powered features, the Holobox holographic displays can provide real-time information, recommendations, and personalized services, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Competitive Differentiation

Holoconnects' holographic displays offer a unique and eye-catching way for hotels to showcase their brand identity. Moreover, hotels can use holograms to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Holograms can elevate and promote unique, insta-worthy, social media posts, upsell on-property amenities and activities, attract celebrities or influencers, and so much more. Hotels are already enhancing existing audio-visual paid services by enabling event and meeting planners to rent Holoboxes for CEOs, keynote speakers, or other special guests in attendance to join via a hologram. The revenue opportunities and potential are endless.

Streamlining Hotel Operations with Hologram-based Solutions

Holoconnects' holographic technology enables hotels to streamline their internal processes, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency. Virtual concierge holograms can assist guests with check-ins, provide information about services and local attractions, and even offer multilingual support. This reduces the workload on hotel staff and allows them to focus on more complex or personalized guest interactions.

Hologram Interviews for World Panel on Hospitality Net

Hospitality Net invites attendees to record a personal view/opinion, which forms part of HN's World Panel viewpoint, "HUMAN STACK vs. TECH STACK." The recordings will be displayed as a LIVE hologram in HN's booth. After HITEC, selected views will be integrated into a dedicated World Panel on Hospitality Net. This is by personal invite only, and space is very limited. More information is available via this link.

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