Research reveals that the future of the hospitality industry as we know it is at risk — Source: Strategic Solution Partners

Strategic Solution Partners (SSP) has once again partnered with SearchWide Global (SWG) and SalesBoost to survey the main groups of hospitality stakeholders and find viable solutions to the ongoing staffing challenges.

The Talent Trends Study is the fourth of SSP's research studies focused on this topic and it aims to approach it from a different perspective. While the 2022 study concentrated on the global solutions to the industry-wide staffing crisis, the 2023/2024 edition also provides:

  • The reasons behind dwindling college enrollment and community-level solutions
  • Data on the current workforce demands and motivations for leaving hospitality
  • Insight into the decreasing numbers of overseas workers due to stricter immigration policies
  • Guidance on how to improve the image of the hospitality industry by counteracting misconceptions
  • An overview and evaluation of creative strategies used to attract and retain talent

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In order to provide actionable takeaways, the respondent group consisted of contractors, hotel executives, and leading academics at hospitality colleges. The results are varied and in-depth, including data on prospective student perceptions, contractor insights into what is happening on different levels of the hotel hierarchy, and recruitment obstacles observed by hotel leaders.

Notably, the research paper emphasizes potential solutions and identifies influential stakeholders' tactics to alleviate the most pressing challenges. In the words of Bill Scanlon, the CEO and founder of SSP: "The 2023 Talent Trends Study has gone beyond the industry and into the employees' feeder — the colleges — in order to not only address today's challenges but to form tomorrow's solutions."

You can download the Talent Trends Study on SSP's website and discuss it on SSP's LinkedIn page.

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