Mobile marketing is the new business wave, and businesses are setting sale. Smartphones are dominating the market, and brands have totally reinvented their strategies to accommodate for constant connectivity, immediate access and location-based services.

Mobile devices have become the modern buyer's Swizz army knife, and they aren't going anywhere. If you're considering adopting a mobile marketing strategy, you should brush up on the reasons behind company adoption. The world's big-hitters have gone mobile, and for several reasons:

Reason One: Modern Consumers are "App Install Addicts"

Mobile apps are practically addicting to modern smartphone owners. Currently, 20 percent of American consumers are considered "mobile app addicts," who install over 17 apps per month. The 13 to 17, 18 to 24 and 35 to 54 age segments download the most, spanning app store access wide across a massive user base.

App install addicts are open to company connectivity, and they embrace consumer connection programs. If your business strategy hasn't incorporated a mobile app yet, it should.

Reason Two: SMS is Outpacing Email for Outreach

Mobile consumers are eight times more likely to engage a brand via text than email. Customer relations, of course, remain every company's "golden apple" of marketing. As location-based services become outfitted for constant connectivity, SMS strategies will take off. Already, geo-specific offers, segmented messages and direct feedback have become SMS mainstays. Growing companies are utilizing text messages for both in-house and out-of-house operations. From the storeroom to the sales floor, SMS outreach is incredibly potent.

Reason Three: Personalized Content is King

Gone are the days of slapdash emails, burdensome banners and pushy ads. Modern businesses are using personalized content to drive consumer relationships, and smartphones are behind the force. Personalization is in, and it's making quite an impact in the modern marketing world:

  • 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful.
  • 61 percent of people are more likely to buy from a company with personalized content.
  • 70 percent of consumers say personalized content marketing helps them feel "closer" to a brand.

Mobile devices offer unprecedented personalization, too. Smartphone users are open to direct text offers. They're also highly engaging on internet storefronts.

Reason Four: Social Media

Social media is a business powerhouse, and its massive distribution is unparalleled. Social media engagement, when done correctly, is efficient. Mobile technology has made instant access, media sharing, content swapping and social engagement easy, and it's created in-app interfaces capable of encompassing a wide selection of marketing channels.

If your company can nail down a mobile-based social media presence, it'll win views, reviews and purchases. YouTube, Instagram, Buzzfeed and many other entities comprise a massive amount of Facebook links, constituting a reason to adopt new smartphone-centric strategies.

Reason Five: Real-Time Location Services

Mobile marketers are loving location-based services, and modern CMOs are using iBeacons, geo-fences and augmented technology to navigate the consumer space. Business impactors, now, can tell when a buyer has entered their field. They can gage consumer behavior like never before.

Technology is rapidly expanding, too. New filters, experimental options and location-based services have emerged, and big-game marketers are taking note. Modern mobile marketing is lean, and it's incredibly optimized for a rapidly expanding industry. Marketing gurus are operating on mobile's tremendous promises, and they aren't disappointed. As mobile apps, social media, SMS options and location-based options increase in both effectiveness and notoriety, so too will marketing strategies become incredibly beneficial to buyers and business operators.

Sophorn Chhay
Inbound Marketing Specialist - Trumpia
415.484.4215 ext. 1322