Everyone has probably stayed in a hotel at least once in their life. For most it is an enjoyable experience, thanks in large part to the hard work hotel staff put into ensuring that guests' hotel stays are as comfortable and convenient as possible. This might not seem such a complicated thing to do, but don't forget that times have changed. While some people are content with a decent bed and a reasonably cozy room, many have come to expect far more of their hotel experiences.

By keeping track of current trends in not only the hospitality industry but in world at large, many hotel chains have been able to rise to the occasion and deliver a truly outstanding modern hotel experience. Just what are these trends though?

For starters, most people expect some kind of a television now. It may seem hard to believe, but just over a decade ago it was not uncommon for low end hotel accommodations to not have television whatsoever. This may still be the case with many motels, but the average 2 star hotel room will now provide some kind of a tv. It might not be a sixty inch flat screen, but it will be there.

That's relatively small fry compared to the real next big thing in hotels. Wifi has become so widespread in the everyday life of the average person that it has become impossible for hotels not to address the issue. A hotel that does not offer wifi in some capacity can expect weak business at best, and a hotel that does not provide free wifi can expect some unhappy customers.

So many people rely on wifi for their work, and a lot of those people represent the sort of business types who frequent hotels the most. It is very unwise for an establishment not to offer high quality wifi that is convenient to use.

So it is fair to say that tech savviness has become much more important to guests when it comes to what hotel they choose to stay at. This is why most of the big chain hotels have doubled down on trying to provide the most tech for the cheapest prices. Your average three star Holiday Inn room nowadays should come with a small flat screen TV and access to free high speed wifi.

What about the actual comforts of the rooms? After all, being able to get a good night's sleep is still the most important decision in booking a hotel to most. While comfort has definitely improved in less expensive hotels in recent years, becoming eco friendly has been these hotels biggest focus. Interestingly, being eco friendly extends to just about all aspects of your stay. Most hotels now offer guests the option to reuse their linen and towels as a way to conserve water. You might think that few people would take up this offer, but that is not always the case. Apparently even frequent travelers are concerned about preserving the environment.

Hotels have had to step up their game in many respects over the last ten years. With so much technology available to us, the world is changing at a quicker pace than ever before. Hotels will continue to be important well into the future. What that future looks like is entirely dependent on the present however, which is why it is sometimes good to take a closer look at it.

Jason Gordon
USS Sports Machine