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Opinion Article23 May 2017

What summer trends do hoteliers need to know to maximize bookings?

By Judson Moore, Industry Manager USA at trivago

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Summer trends in hotel search


With trivago's 1.4 billion annual searches, we see many clear trends in user search behavior and preferences. From that data*, we ascertained some best practices for hoteliers to follow when marketing their properties and establishing their price strategy. What follows are a few factoids and infographics as they relate to summer trends 2017.

Comparison of North American markets: Mexico, Canada, and the US

The United States tops the charts for North American average room-night price clicked on at $188.89. Mexico has the lowest average price per night clicked at $160.08. Canada is only marginally more expensive than Mexico, with the average price per night being $168.62.

The total basket value of the three counties also trends in the same way, with Mexico starting off at $790.80, and the United States coming in at $976.48. Interestingly, the average duration of stay between the three counties is consistent at 5 nights.

Top destinations in the United States for summer 2017

Now for summer, we see a shuffle of the top 10 cities being searched on trivago as recently reported in our spring trends 2017 report. Whereas New York City hotels had the greatest portion of clickouts for the spring time, both Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach have overtaken the Big Apple for summer clickouts on trivago.

Top international destinations for American travelers

American international travel plans indicate steady trends in Latin America and Western Europe. The most popular country abroad for Americans to travel to this summer will be Mexico, with 3 cities in the top 10 destinations.

Does your hotel attract international guests? If so, you need to have a translation of your hotel description on trivago. You easily do this when you register for a free account on trivago Hotel Manager.

There is a very clear rising trend of year-over-year interest for Americans to travel to Latin America in the summer. With 9 out of the 10 top emerging destinations (comparing summer 2017 to summer 2016), in Latin America, our data indicates a surge of increased interest for travel south of the United States.

National parks create a boon for hotels

Among the top American domestic emerging destinations, we found a very interesting trend with destinations near national parks. Comparing trivago's data with the National Park Service Visitor Use Statistics, we see that in the last two to thee years there has been a massive increase in national park visitors across the United States.

For hotels that are located near national parks, the impact has been a substantial increase in clickouts.

  • Grand Canyon: Kingman, AZ (+28.89%) and Williams, AZ (+31.67%)
  • Joshua Tree: Indio, CA (+33.33%)
  • Boise National Forest: Boise, ID (+30%)

Turning trends into action for your hotel

If your hotel is in one of the destinations listed in this report, then you should take this into account when assessing your pricing strategy for summer 2017. If your city is not listed here, then check out the trivago Hotel Price Index for further data.

*The findings in this report are based on data gathered from all searches in the USA between 01.01.2017 and 04.05.2017, for the travel period from 06.01.2017 until 08.31.2017 which were for a hotel stay of 3 nights or longer.


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Judson L Moore has spent the last decade blogging about his experiences ranging from being a concert promoter with some of the biggest names in American music, to working in Central Asia on-boarding journalists to the internet. Finding his home at trivago, he is now part of the Hotel Relations team, which connects with hoteliers worldwide through its core product, trivago Hotel Manager (tHM).

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