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Opinion Article24 June 2019

Key Elements of a Truly Great Hotel Executive Lounge

By Lillian Connors, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Bizzmark

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Hotel executive lounges can sometimes be a real feast for both the eyes and the stomach, but sometimes, they can be the exact opposite. So, if you want to make sure that business travelers flock to your hotel whenever they're in need of such services, make sure you have an excellent club lounge in your offer because these are virtually traveler's home away from home.

However, in order to be able to do so, you first need to know what some of the key features of a beautiful executive lounge are. Here, "good enough" simply won't cut it. You need to offer your customers the best you possibly can because only a truly great hotel lounge will make them want to come back for more.

Create different zones

One of the first things you need to take care of is to ensure that your hotel's executive lounge is not just a vast empty space where people will feel uncomfortable or even not welcome. The other thing you need to ensure is that you don't overcrowd it with unnecessary furniture so that there's virtually no room left. The best way to approach this matter is to aim at creating different zones in your executive lounge, with every single one of them having a clear purpose. So, aim at implementing comfortable seating furniture, but also create an area for dining and work. Additionally, make sure you leave enough room for the buffet, snacks and coffee machines, and even add a small bar.

Offer the necessary commodities

Aside from pinpointing the right layout, you should also make sure you offer your business guests all the commodities they might need. Aside from ensuring that you have a strong and reliable Wi-Fin connection in your executive lounge, you should also provide your guest with opulent outlets and charging stations, as well as a couple of desktop computers for the guests that are traveling without their own tech. Furthermore, you can also install a couple of wireless printers, enabling your guests to print out anything they might need without having to get up and visit another location in order to perform this task. Again, the better your executive lounge is equipped, the more business guests will be coming your way.

Invest in style and luxury

The functionality and practicality of your hotel's executive lounge should not be the only two parameters you aim at when putting together such an area. Aside from these two - virtually basic - parameters, you also want to make sure you add some comfort and luxury to your executive lounge. For carpets, make sure you go with something durable and high-quality because you want to avoid having to replace them too often due to the more-than-obvious wear and tear. Furthermore, when choosing sofas and seating furniture for your executive lounge, check out the latest collection by King Living where you will be able to find pieces that are not only super versatile and durable, but that are also incredibly modern and stylish. Finally, layer different lighting solutions throughout the lounge to enable your guests to perform all of their tasks while being as comfortable as possible.

Make sure there are plenty of snacks and refreshments

Finally, in a truly excellent hotel executive lounge, the guests should be presented with opulent snacks and refreshments. And no, that doesn't mean that you should provide all of them with multiple-course meals and an "all you can drink" buffet. But, again, you want to minimize the necessity of your guests having to pause with their work in order to get up and go somewhere where they can get some snacks and refreshments - an even coffee - because that can lead them straight out of your hotel and right into your competitor's arms. Another thing you need to make sure is that you stay consistent with your offer so that no gest feels left out or deprived if you once were offering shrimps and caviar, but have now reduced your offer to crackers and spry-cheese.

These were just the key elements you need to make sure you implement in your executive lounge if you want your hotel to stay competitive and relevant on the market. You can go even further than what's mentioned for all of them, but you absolutely need to ensure you provide your guests with comfort and a professional environment where they can take care of their business without being hindered in any way.

Lillian Connors

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