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Opinion Article16 April 2021

Five Ways To Improve Service In Your Hotel

By Adam Knight, Owner and Principal at Knowing Hospitality

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With everything that the past year has brought, it's completely expected (and normal) that a handful of basics have fallen off but as occupancy starts to pick up and basics aren't brought back in line quickly, your hotel could start to see more negative reviews than normal; and since overall reviews are down, it could be much harder to dig out of a slew of negative reviews, pushing you down the list and making it harder to grow your occupancy at the same (or better) rate than the market.

There are five, low barrier steps that you can take today that will dramatically improve the service in your hotel and ensure that you're well positioned for when guests start to come back in larger numbers.

1. The 5/10 rule
2. Ending employee conversations when guests are present
3. Acknowledging guests when you pass them in the hall
4. Opening doors
5. Walking guests part way when they ask for directions

We'll get through this downturn at some point and when we do, you'll want to be in the best position to ramp back up with as little effort as possible. These 5 actions will help your operation get there.

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