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Opinion Article 8 August 2021

A High-Tech Solution to A Long-Standing Problem in Hospitality

CASE STUDY: Chexology’s luggage check technology gives organizations like Circa Resort & Casino a leg up over competitors when it comes to the guest experience

By Derek Pacqué, Founder and CEO, Chexology

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Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is a 35-story, 777-room all-new integrated resort concept that opened in Dec. 2020. Being the first new downtown Las Vegas property in many years, Circa aims to revitalize and transform the downtown area with cutting-edge hospitality by using high-tech features to create a guest experience unlike any other.

When guests arrive at Circa, they expect a stress-free experience so their stay can immediately start on a positive note. With outdated hospitality practices, a stress-free check-in is not always guaranteed — a risk Circa was not willing to take. The challenge facing Circa was how to provide a centralized, streamlined check-in experience from start to finish?

Outdated Practices Stunt Potential

As the resort ramped up for its opening, Will Baez, hotel manager at Circa, knew his team required new technologies to modernize the resort, support its mission and revolutionize the guest experience.

"I firmly believe that guests shouldn't have to think or work to have fun here. Whatever you want, before you even arrive at Circa, we'll facilitate it for you. You don't have to think. Let us do that for you.”

But some standard hospitality practices, like the paper claim ticket, can quickly become a nightmare for guests and hotel staff, negatively influencing the guest’s overall experience.

“Anytime someone loses a claim ticket when it's a paper system, it sucks. There is no efficient way to deal with that situation. It will always take a long time and will ultimately frustrate the guest.”

Circa understands that every interaction influences the guest’s experience, from when they first arrive to when they have to say goodbye. Baez and his team at Circa needed a system that could effectively organize guest claim tickets to take the stress off the guest while also improving employee productivity.

A Seamless Solution to Circa’s Problems

It was Circa’s concierge team who ultimately recommended the hotel use Chexology. This groundbreaking technology automates transactions involving exchanging items for a claim ticket, such as luggage storage, coat check, personal items and more. Using Chexology for bell desk operations, Circa guests receive their claim number via a branded and personalized text confirmation that serves as their digital claim ticket. As a result, the mobile-friendly process eliminates the need for guests to hold on to a single-use paper ticket.

Circa’s bell staff can organize guests' items by snapping a picture of the checked items and assigning them to specific storage locations, ensuring guests’ items are never lost or given out to the wrong individual. Organizing guests' checked item information into one easy-to-access spot, Circa’s staff can provide its guests the best possible experience during their stay.

Baez and his team at Circa were so pleased with this digital-first approach. They approached Chexology about developing an integration with ALICE, Circa’s hotel operations software, to improve the overall luggage check process. This integration would allow Circa’s bell staff to find guests' reservations quickly and associate that information with the guests' checked items all in one place.

“The best thing any software can do is to be invisible, to make it seem a seamless part of your operation,” said Baez. “It’s a seamless process. Chexology captures the data for us and makes sure that we're as efficient as we can be.”

Circa Reaps the Benefits of High-Tech Solutions

Through the Chexology and ALICE integration, the Circa bell staff can quickly search for a guest’s reservation and associate their belongings to their profile. Their information is stored in the system so bell staff can easily search guests’ items, claim numbers and storage locations. This gives everyone the confidence to serve guests while saving time, money and increasing productivity.

Additionally, the Chexology and ALICE integration allow bell staff to communicate directly with guests through SMS text messages, which improves workflows, reduces response times, and provides a more efficient guest-centric experience.

Since implementing Chexology’s ALICE integration, the Circa bell team has decreased wait times to check guests’ luggage by 25%, helping to achieve Circa’s guest experience goals.

“What hospitality gets stuck in is the resistance to change,” said Baez, “Hospitality can begin to grow as an industry by embracing new technology like Chexology to improve the guest’s experience and to increase employee efficiency. The customers' needs are always paramount and by keeping up with new technology, we can ensure they are always met.”


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