The key to local search for hotel restaurants. — Photo by Tambourine

Today we are talking about…

How to get your hotel restaurant to turn up more often in search results.

Have a hotel restaurant?

You’re going to need a dedicated strategy.

Here’s why.

Marketing your hotel’s restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or lounge is different from marketing your hotel for room nights.

  • It’s a local audience, not nationwide.
    You’re marketing to local diners, not travelers looking for hotel stays in your city.
  • Diners shop differently.
    Diners are hungry. They are typing their search query in the hunt for their next meal. So common searches are phrases like “pizza near me” or “dinner spots near me.”
  • Your hotel’s F&B outlets have lots of competition.
    An advantage those local restaurants have is street-front exposure. When you don’t have the perk of foot-traffic marketing, you need to work harder to make your hotel restaurant known.

With quick dinner decisions ready to be made,

you want your restaurant to show up in the search results. But how do you get your ad to display toward the top?

Here’s the number one tactic to help boost results:

Link your Google My Business account with your Google Ads account.

Seems like a no-brainer.

But you’d be surprised how many restaurants miss the mark here. This simple revision to your Google Ad strategy will increase the number of visits to your website, phone calls, and directions to your restaurant.

Why does it matter?

When it comes to F&B marketing, Google map listings turn up first in search, which makes them more important than traditional search results for hotel restaurants.

Do your due diligence.

Take the step to ensure your hotel restaurant’s Google My Business profile is complete with the most up-to-date address, phone number, and details. This ensures that your ads will have ample (and accurate) information to rank better when users are typing relevant search queries.

Flash Back!

When was the last time you reviewed and updated your Google My Business Listing?

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