Industry Changes Requires Modernization with Point of Sales — Source: Infor

Consumer expectations are changing, and the restaurant and food services industry must also change. To change with the least disruption, it’s important to have a point of sales (POS) solution that moves at lighting speed to enhance operations and meet consumer demands. Not only does a modern POS fulfill today’s guests’ expectations, but it also helps employees succeed in their work to ultimately promote overall growth. An efficient and modern POS will empower employees to do their jobs by serving as a central hub for every stage of restaurant operations, centralizing vital business data and strategy and smoothly scaling when new technology emerges.

The Importance of Frictionless Experiences

Beyond intuitive AI, frictionless experiences with technology are necessary to create clarity and an easy-to-use order placement process. A modern POS will serve as the nerve center for efficient operations, accounting for all sources of incoming orders and accommodating in-store and remote orders alike to serve guests in a confident, efficient and timely manner.

To achieve this, a POS must provide optimal visibility of order statuses in real-time and at every station involved in fulfillment. This requires integration with kitchen display solutions to keep prep staff aware of details as soon as a guest or staff member enters an order into the system. The POS must also be consistent with stated menu details. For example, daypart specific items, combos, specials, pricing and other specifics must be timely, accurate, synced to availability and branded across every location. A scalable POS connects the dots along every stage of the cycle to provide guests what they want in a centralized and unified process.

The POS Serves as a Central Hub

In addition to supporting day-to-day operations, modern POS business solutions will need to serve as a hub for real-time, data-driven intelligence and strategy. This in turn will help restaurants track, measure and build strategy informed by data insights from guests and staff working habits. Restaurants that successfully make data-informed decisions know exactly which key metrics to monitor to improve efficiencies and identify areas for improvement. The key factors to track for centralizing data and strategy include item performance, employee performance, average check size, location performance, specials and promotions results and daypart data. Having a POS that solidifies this information allows leadership to evolve as business challenges and successes also change.

Change itself is an exciting challenge for the restaurant and food services industry. Restaurant POS solutions need to be adaptable enough to scale with evolutions that have occurred in just the last few years. The importance of solid, long-term partnerships and API integrations to deliver on the functionality that today’s guests expect is a top priority for restaurant and food services management. A modern POS solution must scale to integrate with all and any technology that supports next-generation guest experiences. This requires investment in technology in addition to investments in solid partnerships focused on supporting the business as new technologies and strategies determine industry standards.

Lean into Change

While change can be overwhelming, it’s necessary for the restaurant and food services industry to remain profitability and meet consumer expectations. Having full end-to-end visibility with a modern POS is crucial for restaurants to remain competitive, successfully scale and promote overall employee well-being.

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