Telecom Compliance in Hotels — Photo by Kings III Emergency Communications

A Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) is a vital requirement prior to opening your hotel after a new build/renovation (without it you’re subject to massive, compounding fines!). Because of the necessity of this certification, you’ll want to work it in to your construction plans from the very beginning to avoid any project delays.

Unfortunately, the inspection process involves multiple steps, so it’s not necessarily quick or straightforward and is prone to oversights. One area we often see overlooked within the process? Telecommunications. Get familiar with specific telecom requirements and regulations in your local jurisdiction by consulting with telecommunications experts and local authorities. To help get you started, we've compiled a checklist of key telecom-specific items to consider that may be subject to inspection:

Infrastructure: Inspectors may assess the quality/functionality of hotel telecommunication infrastructure, including:

  • Proper installation/maintenance of telephone lines
  • Data cabling
  • Networking equipment
  • Wi-Fi access points

Data privacy and security: With increasing emphasis on data privacy, guest information absolutely must be protected, and hoteliers must maintain compliance with data protection regulations. Inspections may cover aspects like secure storage of guest data, proper network security measures, and adherence to relevant privacy laws.

Network reliability and coverage: Ensuring consistent, reliable network connectivity is not only crucial for guest satisfaction, but more importantly, it affects safety. Inspectors may assess the reliability and coverage of the hotel's network, including:

  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Signal strength throughout the location

Accessibility for guests: It’s typically required to provide accessible telecommunication services for guests with disabilities, including but not limited to those who are hearing-impaired. This may include features like TTY/TDD devices, visual notification systems for incoming calls, and accessible telecommunication equipment.

Emergency communication systems: At minimum, hotels are required by law to have reliable emergency communication systems in place within elevators. Additional requirements may include emergency phones in common areas, guest rooms, as well as a public address (PA) system for broadcasting emergency announcements.

When it comes to elevator phones, we’ve seen these challenges:

  • Telecom providers are phasing out the support of analog lines, resulting in increased costs, decreased availability, and slower service for new elevator installations.
  • These industry changes have resulted in limited code-compliant solutions.
  • The coordination of multiple vendors to navigate the installation of necessary wiring causes delays and elevator companies prefer not to have third parties perform any installations on elevators before inspections.

There’s a need for immediate service to make the transition from temporary line connectivity to a permanent emergency monitoring service at new construction sites. We’ve developed a code-compliant solution that circumnavigates local wiring infrastructure, helping your elevators get through inspection, avoiding phone lines delaying your construction projects, and eventually transitioning you to our turnkey elevator phone solution.

We can get your elevator emergency phones 100% compliant in 72 hours.

Once end users sign a PreC.O. agreement with us, we’ll ship the required equipment, ready for quick and easy self-set up, at a $0 upfront cost.

About Kings III

Partnering with Kings III not only provides a streamlined, code-compliant solution to get you through inspection, but will also prep your hotel for emergency response moving forward. Our all-inclusive solution includes equipment, installation, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring at our own Emergency Dispatch Center. Our best-in-class emergency dispatch service helps reduce risk and liability for hotels, keeping safety a staple of your brand and taking unnecessary pressure and responsibility off your front desk, and all our full-service solution helps eliminate unexpected costs associated with maintenance. Talk to an expert.

Need to pass inspection? Get in touch and we’ll hook you up.

Clarisa James
Business Development Manager
Kings III Emergency Communications