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Viewpoint23 April 2019

Are brands becoming relevant again?

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

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Are brands becoming relevant again?
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Martin Soler, Partner at Soler & Associates
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Larry Mogelonsky
Managing Director Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited

Another 'exciting' are brand from the XYZ Hotel Company. Am I excited? Is the consumer excited? Doubtful. Brands without marketing support are merely exercises for marketing gurus who like to play with logos and interior designers. The whole aspect of multiple brands has nothing to do with the guest. Rather, it has to do with the hotel corporations who need more brands to sell more franchises. The more brands there are, logically the less units there are for each brand and the more diluted the accommodations field becomes. It is no wonder that younger travellers have minimal brand affiliation: the brands have not given them any reason to secure their loyalty. With one exception: younger travellers are loyal to Airbnb.

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