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Viewpoint23 April 2019

Are brands becoming relevant again?

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

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Are brands becoming relevant again?
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Martin Soler, Partner at Soler & Associates
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David Turnbullsupplier view
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So what is a hotel brand - where people book or a brand where people stay? Or both. Operators of hotels spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about where the client books, rather than investing into how a customer feels when they make contact with a brand for the first time That feeling is delivered via building physically and digitally great products, delivering wonderful service and providing rich experiences that reflect their total stay. Global hotel brands from the 80's onwards became transactional booking brands (distribution/loyalty) and forgot to invest in the rest whilst incrementally doing a bad job at retailing their products in the era of the internet. 

Cue the now inevitable roster of 30+ “mini brands” per chain that rush to play catch-up. Iconic hotel brands of yesterday and today (from the Savoy Group through to The Standard Hotels) consistently focused “first” on those basics that all operators should do, product, service, experience and interestingly the rest all falls into place especially in an era where reputation counts for so much. In summary, operators of "stay brands"should focus on doing the day job well. The goal of any commercial leader within that stay brand should be to count the number of brand advocates they have generated rather than (overly) obsess about conversion rates & channel mix %

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