As the hospitality industry grapples with market instability and changes worldwide, this viewpoint aims to identify helpful views from a panel of industry experts, to discuss leading action-items for near-term and long-range strategic planning. As the world is currently in the throes of COVID-19; there are an array of uncertainties impacting travel, engagement and finance.

This presents an important opportunity for us to examine, suggest and develop new strategies that foster stronger wellness propositions and public health priorities that support diverse hospitality models. This viewpoint also aims to share thoughts on how companies, stakeholders and developers can make calculated investments and complex decisions in the midst of the current crisis and beyond.

Please provide your view of high-priority initiatives related to the immediate impact on mental health, returning engagement, and guest experiences, underpinning action-planning for value and growth. Please suggest at least one creative, OUTSIDE-THE BOX idea... that reveals the importance of interconnected, multifaceted, wellbeing and health experiences.

Laszlo Puczko
Laszlo Puczko
CEO & Co-Founder of Heath Tourism Worldwide

This is time to revisit what the hospitality industry called wellness and how it marketed and operated it. Glorified spas re-branded as 'wellness centers', low calorie ice cubes sold on line, etc. We have to stop wellness-washing and need to come up with proper value propositioning. Not USP but UVP. Not UX but WX as in wellness experience. Brands as well as individual providers can all apply this approach and (re-)define what they stand for in term of improving the wellness of their guests/customers. Some may think that welltertainment, e.g. beer yoga is a cheap option and should be avoided. That can be true.

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